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Is Justin Trudeau Promoting Marijuana To Kids?

As with all things in politics there will always be some sort of attack that is completely untrue. Vancouver South Conservative MP Wai Young is no different. She decided to send out a flyer claiming Liberal leader Justin Trudeau thinks its okay for children to smoke pot.

And while the Liberal party is for legalizing marijuana, they are also for educating the youth and helping them better understand the health risks associated with using this type of substance. This is clearly stated in the Liberal party policy. And according to them, the flyer put out by Wai Young is completely false and full of misleading information.

As a matter of fact, if you do a little research you will see Justin Trudeau has been very clear about where he stands when it comes to children and marijuana. He doesn’t want children to be able to easily access the substance. Wai Young knows this and its sad she is choosing to act in such an immature way.

In the flyer she sent out she claims Justin Trudeau has gone out to schools and promoted legalizing marijuana to the children. Again, this is completely false. These accusations actually come from Justice Minister Peter Mackay. This coming after Trudeau visited a school in Brandon, Manitoba First Nations in late 2013.

During this visit a student asked Trudeau about the policy in regards to marijuana. His response was that marijuana is dangerous and not something young people should mess around with. He said their minds are still developing and that process can be hindered by the use of marijuana. He also said that’s why he wants pot to be regulated so children won’t be able to easily access it.

Even though a reporter confirmed what Trudeau said, Justice Minister Peter Mackay still made it seem like he got in front of the children and encouraged them to use pot. This was not the case at all. If you look over the flyer and then do a little fact checking you too will see it is full of false, misleading statements that don’t have an ounce of truth to them.