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Million Dollar Homes Left To Decay In Vancouver

Right now there are several million dollar homes on the west side of Vancouver that have been left to decay. The owners have simply left the homes with no plans to come back. Some believe its because they want to cash in on a real estate market that is now getting attention from all over the world. The original article was created by the national post.

Just last month there were 20 residents who decided to come forth and start posting information about what’s going on in their neighborhood on Beautiful Empty Homes of Vancouver. Currently dozens of empty homes have been documented on the site. Neighbors are becoming more and more irate as some of the homes have been empty for five years.

One of the most extreme cases is a home located in Shaughnessy. This home has decayed to the point where coyotes now call it home. Many elderly residents say they don’t feel safe in the area anymore.

The biggest concern for most is the fact the empty homes are bringing the community down. No one wants to live in a city with so many abandoned homes. Because of this James MacDonald, an urban planner, and a group of other people are asking that the Vancouver Charter be adjusted.

They want it to now include a vacant property tax on homes that are just sitting there with no tenants. They want the tax to be high enough that homeowners will ensure the home is occupied. They also want a 15 to 20 percent surcharge on home prices for non resident buyers. The problem is it can be very difficult to determine whether or not a home is owned by a Canadian resident.

While vacant homes is a contributing factor to the decaying homes, its not the only factor. Unfortunately this could be the new normal for the area. This is because Vancouver is becoming more of a resort city. People from all over the world are coming to the city to invest in homes. However, very few of them actually live in the homes. Check out this fantastic article outlining how the Chinese are changing the housing market in Vancouver

Regardless of why the homes in the area are vacant, its time for all Vancouverites to come together and figure out a solution to this problem. Instead of squandering it away we have to figure out a way to preserve it and build upon it.

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